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In my humble opinion the undisputed king of wines is Champagne!  Any meal can begin with a glass of champagne. It’s only for celebrating you say? Every day is a cause for celebration, life is a gift not a given write. So celebrate! Often, in fact always! And not only with a glass of Champagne, but even better, with a loved one!

Sorry I trend to get sidetracked, wine pairing. Not to overblow the importance of having wine with a meal (and yes, I understand that many don’t drink at all, I just got the chills)) a proper wine selection can elevate even the simplest meal to new heights. Not to mention the science that proves wines health benefits, where was I going with this. Let just talk pairings:

General rule: Champagne goes with anything. And I don’t mean cheap sparkling wine that is loaded with sugar. (note to self, write a blog about the different champagnes)

At a risk of angering legions of “experts”, as a rule I either server reds or whites. I don’t like to mix between the two. I pick a path and stick to it. A few simple pairing suggestions:

Foie gras/soft cheese: Sauternes, sauvignon blanc

Oysters/smoky cheese: Chablis, Sancerre

Chicken/lamb/goat cheese: Chianti

Steak/aged cheese: Cabernet Sauvignon (California being my choice these days)/Bordeaux

Indian food/spicy food: Syrah

Popcorn: Chardonnay (because Netflix and chill calls for wine)

Hot dogs/fries: Beaujolais

White fish*: Riesling

*Key things to remember, you don’t want your wine to overpower your food, it has to compliment. This is especially important with fish. You can’t drink a bold white wine with delicate fish, you will taste nothing but wine (not that I’m saying its necessarily a bad thing). The inverse is also true, a wine that is too mellow will get buried.

All this to say, I lied. Having someone else pick pairings for you is impossible; so I not going to try. Wine is a journey, maybe even an odyssey. The further you go the more you learn. Like with all great journey’s there are no shortcuts, what I can tell you is learn to taste with your senses not your wallet.

Take in the aroma, the different layers of taste. (ok quick sidebar: tannins on the palate, sweetness on the tip of the tongue, salty on the front sides, sour on the back sides and bitter in the back)

A whole world will soon present itself, enjoy the ride, remember to share the journey with others and never overdo it!

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