The age old debate, Band vs DJ.


Let me start by saying that in many regards I’m old fashioned. I believe in decorum, such as a gentleman always holds the door and gives his seat. Men should always wear a tie at a wedding, oh and for good measure we should all keep our words sweet, you never know when you have to eat them.

That being said, specific parties have specific goals. A wedding, is a celebration of a commitment, a bond as it were, between a man and a woman (or any combination of these as allowed by law). This is an event that demands class, elegant dress code and the ambiance to match (and hopefully good food).

An office or birthday party does not have the same goal. These events (and those many other parties that I will not waste your time listing) are meant simply to have fun, to party and drink! An excuse to gather with friends and family. And yes I’m making an over generalization, my point is this: regardless of the purpose of the event, the music and by extension the entertainment can make or break the party.

Is a wedding really the occasion to have guests grinding on each other as the DJ (or band for that matter) blasts music louder than at a club so that guests can barely hold a conversation? No it isn’t.

I’m not here to tell you what to do (neither is, just to throw in my two cents: know what you want and be clear regardless if you go DJ or Band.

Base your entertainment preference on the occasion and on the crowd.  Many an evening has ended with tears and fights for no apparent reason, would the music have changed anything? Maybe, but now you’ll never know. Next time be smart about it! Choose wisely, use resources like and be sure to see them live before booking. Enjoy the party!

December 28, 2016 |

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