Open bar at office parties


It’s been called many things, Christmas party, year-end party, employee appreciation. Tis the season,love it or hate it this time of year brings the work party. In all of its awkward glory, many dread it. But many people ask if an open bar is a good idea. Well the concept applies not only to office parties but to all events.

Yes, everyone loves an open bar (well at least those among us who have mild drinking problems). Yet sadly not everyone can control themselves. The rule in drinking as in life is that everything is best enjoyed in moderation. (assuming of course that your definition of moderation is a buzz).

Having a few drinks makes everyone loosen up, gets people dancing and is just general fun. BUT, a work party/event is not the occasion to get drunk. Sure it’s funny to watch your boss stumble around in a stupor mumbling incoherently, and how funny is it to watch two drunks make out (oh the water cooler stories that come out of these parties). But what of the darker side, the fights, the cursing at colleagues, and perhaps worst of all: telling colleagues or even bosses the truth (or our version of it). We covered how drinking loosens lips, well loose lips sink ships. Years spent building relationships and careers have been lost in a blink.

My advice, two drink max. Even if an open bar is available, watch yourself. An office party is still a work event; you wouldn’t make out with Sally from accounting sober would you? Well make sure it doesn’t happen in front of the whole company. Keep it together, go get drunk at a bar like the rest of us.

Oh, and of course, don’t be a jackass and try to drive home. You don’t want to make any headlines, at work or otherwise.

December 28, 2016 |

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