Kids Parties, when did this become so complicated?


Remember the days when a kid’s party was held in the backyard, or if it was cold the basement? The food was simple, hamburgers and hotdogs maybe pasta. The games were simple and for all ages. Everyone had fun, because you know it’s a party.

My friends, those days are gone. Lucky for you, you found; We’re here to help navigate the mess.

These days it’s more like planning a wedding (or a missile launch), complete with DJ and 5-course meal. My advice: KIS: keep it simple.

Step one: Figure out a location, can you host and get the party catered? The big trend in parties today is recreational centers; we have a wide variety listed so you will be sure to find the perfect venue! We can help you find a rec center that provides food, or use one of the many listed catering companies to find the right food match for your party!

Another good option is to hold it at a restaurant, we have several listed that will reserve a room for your event. Whatever your preference: Location, Food, Entertainment we have everything you need! We’re your one-stop Partee shop!

December 24, 2016 |

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