How much wine / alcohol should we serve at a party?


Like so many things in life, wine is best enjoyed in moderation and in good company. Nothing ruins an evening faster than one of your guests overdoing it and getting drunk (not to mention the ensuing embarrassment and arguably humor that would come of it).  Yet on the flipside, a glass of wine goes a long way towards making guests feel relaxed, it helps conversation flow, and let’s be honest it makes everything better.

There is no easy answer to this question, most will say half a bottle a head. If your budgeting for a big party and serving cheap wine, go with this. For smaller occasions follow your gut. If you will be serving mixed drinks take it into account, one bottle in four with the main course should suffice, and of course don’t get cheap wine, nothing ruins a meal like a bad wine. (look out for a blog coming soon with suggested food pairings).

Here is the general rule I follow for a party: mixed drinks to start. Have 2 standard ones. (you don’t want to be stocking too much booze) Rum or whisky based, (coke works well with both, and vodka (straight or with 7up). That’s it. You won’t break the bank, and everyone will be happy. This will take you through appetizers and probably first course.

With the entrée, either a red or a white. Something standard like a chardonnay and a chianti. Both are not far from middle ground. Again, the goal is to keep people happy without overdoing it.

After dinner, have scotch on hand. Doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. You can even use the whiskey used for mixing.

The key with all of this is focus on quality not quantity. You want your guests to enjoy the evening, every part of it. The food, the drinks, the company. When done right every party is a success! Remember, life is all about these moments, one day (hopefully far in the future) you won’t remember what it is you had to drink, but you will remember the evenings spent with family and friends, so make them count!

December 7, 2016 |

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