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Welcome to JustPartee.com, we're glad you came by to visit.


Our company started with the idea of helping people and businesses come together in the specific area of event planning. With so many businesses all over the internet and all kinds of events being planned everyday we found the need to bring people closer to businesses in their local area.


On JustPartee.com, businesses have the opportunity to post their services in the categories of their offering(s) and have customers in their local area find them. Mostly, what is beneficial for all parties is that the costumer has the ability to rate and post comments related to their experience with the vendor. We all know that the best publicity for a business is through word of mouth, what best then to actually have to world see the "word of mouth" a their finger tips!


The goal is to help each other and provide the best "word of mouth" possible when it comes to ratings and comments so we do remind you to please be honest and fair as this may be useful for others to make wise and informed decisions in their hiring's


We hope you find this website as useful as we do, enjoy your browsing.


And remember to JustPartee!