I love you


3 simple words. 8 Letters in total. Yet few words hold more power than these. Many describe them as the most powerful words in the English language. (This is a bit much for me, but what do I know)

How important is it to say I love you? It’s interesting to note that this simple phrase exists in every know language; love transcends all barriers. But what is love? It can be best described as an intense sentimental feeling. It describes the bond between lovers (and yes spouses should always think of themselves as lovers). It also though, describes the love we have for our children, family, friends, even our pets! Does this lessen the impact of saying I love you? It certainly shouldn’t. Yet how many times do we repeat this powerful phrase on automatic? Dare I say, many times. The question is, does it lessen the impact? Or even make it irrelevant to repeat day in day out?

NO, of course not! It is never a hollow gesture. These 3 words hold more power than we imagine and should never stop being repeated. Always, and regardless of how we feel in the moment. Always make sure that those whom you really care about know that they are loved.

Granted, it’s not the same as that first time (but not many things in life are). But we are not destined to only hear I love you as we hang up the phone. We have the power to make these three little words hold meaning again! All it takes is to take a pause, regardless of what it is we are doing, regardless of where we are; take a moment, and say I LOVE YOU. Genuinely, from the heart. The power of love is such that it moves everyone, but only if you allow it. So go ahead and say it, oh and I LOVE YOU too. xoxo

December 28, 2016 |

Flowers, why does she always want more?


Let me start by making a confession. To me, sending a bouquet of flowers is akin to sending dead goldfish. What’s the point? They’re dead!

Hence why I will not be writing about my opinion on the matter, I will limit myself to the facts. People like flowers, women LOVE flowers. Flowers brighten and add life to a room. (Why a plant doesn’t do this I will never understand). And did I mention women love them? My advice, this one is not worth fighting gents. Fresh flowers for the wedding, yes dear. Fresh flowers for the party, yes dear. Happy wife, happy life. Trust me.

Oh and one last thought, don’t get flowers only on your anniversary, in fact don’t get any flowers on your anniversary. Get flowers all the time, I promise it will brighten more than a room, it will brighten your life.

November 30, 2016 |
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