The age old debate, Band vs DJ.


Let me start by saying that in many regards I’m old fashioned. I believe in decorum, such as a gentleman always holds the door and gives his seat. Men should always wear a tie at a wedding, oh and for good measure we should all keep our words sweet, you never know when you have to eat them.

That being said, specific parties have specific goals. A wedding, is a celebration of a commitment, a bond as it were, between a man and a woman (or any combination of these as allowed by law). This is an event that demands class, elegant dress code and the ambiance to match (and hopefully good food).

An office or birthday party does not have the same goal. These events (and those many other parties that I will not waste your time listing) are meant simply to have fun, to party and drink! An excuse to gather with friends and family. And yes I’m making an over generalization, my point is this: regardless of the purpose of the event, the music and by extension the entertainment can make or break the party.

Is a wedding really the occasion to have guests grinding on each other as the DJ (or band for that matter) blasts music louder than at a club so that guests can barely hold a conversation? No it isn’t.

I’m not here to tell you what to do (neither is, just to throw in my two cents: know what you want and be clear regardless if you go DJ or Band.

Base your entertainment preference on the occasion and on the crowd.  Many an evening has ended with tears and fights for no apparent reason, would the music have changed anything? Maybe, but now you’ll never know. Next time be smart about it! Choose wisely, use resources like and be sure to see them live before booking. Enjoy the party!

December 28, 2016 |

Open bar at office parties


It’s been called many things, Christmas party, year-end party, employee appreciation. Tis the season,love it or hate it this time of year brings the work party. In all of its awkward glory, many dread it. But many people ask if an open bar is a good idea. Well the concept applies not only to office parties but to all events.

Yes, everyone loves an open bar (well at least those among us who have mild drinking problems). Yet sadly not everyone can control themselves. The rule in drinking as in life is that everything is best enjoyed in moderation. (assuming of course that your definition of moderation is a buzz).

Having a few drinks makes everyone loosen up, gets people dancing and is just general fun. BUT, a work party/event is not the occasion to get drunk. Sure it’s funny to watch your boss stumble around in a stupor mumbling incoherently, and how funny is it to watch two drunks make out (oh the water cooler stories that come out of these parties). But what of the darker side, the fights, the cursing at colleagues, and perhaps worst of all: telling colleagues or even bosses the truth (or our version of it). We covered how drinking loosens lips, well loose lips sink ships. Years spent building relationships and careers have been lost in a blink.

My advice, two drink max. Even if an open bar is available, watch yourself. An office party is still a work event; you wouldn’t make out with Sally from accounting sober would you? Well make sure it doesn’t happen in front of the whole company. Keep it together, go get drunk at a bar like the rest of us.

Oh, and of course, don’t be a jackass and try to drive home. You don’t want to make any headlines, at work or otherwise.

December 28, 2016 |

I love you


3 simple words. 8 Letters in total. Yet few words hold more power than these. Many describe them as the most powerful words in the English language. (This is a bit much for me, but what do I know)

How important is it to say I love you? It’s interesting to note that this simple phrase exists in every know language; love transcends all barriers. But what is love? It can be best described as an intense sentimental feeling. It describes the bond between lovers (and yes spouses should always think of themselves as lovers). It also though, describes the love we have for our children, family, friends, even our pets! Does this lessen the impact of saying I love you? It certainly shouldn’t. Yet how many times do we repeat this powerful phrase on automatic? Dare I say, many times. The question is, does it lessen the impact? Or even make it irrelevant to repeat day in day out?

NO, of course not! It is never a hollow gesture. These 3 words hold more power than we imagine and should never stop being repeated. Always, and regardless of how we feel in the moment. Always make sure that those whom you really care about know that they are loved.

Granted, it’s not the same as that first time (but not many things in life are). But we are not destined to only hear I love you as we hang up the phone. We have the power to make these three little words hold meaning again! All it takes is to take a pause, regardless of what it is we are doing, regardless of where we are; take a moment, and say I LOVE YOU. Genuinely, from the heart. The power of love is such that it moves everyone, but only if you allow it. So go ahead and say it, oh and I LOVE YOU too. xoxo

December 28, 2016 |

Kids Parties, when did this become so complicated?


Remember the days when a kid’s party was held in the backyard, or if it was cold the basement? The food was simple, hamburgers and hotdogs maybe pasta. The games were simple and for all ages. Everyone had fun, because you know it’s a party.

My friends, those days are gone. Lucky for you, you found; We’re here to help navigate the mess.

These days it’s more like planning a wedding (or a missile launch), complete with DJ and 5-course meal. My advice: KIS: keep it simple.

Step one: Figure out a location, can you host and get the party catered? The big trend in parties today is recreational centers; we have a wide variety listed so you will be sure to find the perfect venue! We can help you find a rec center that provides food, or use one of the many listed catering companies to find the right food match for your party!

Another good option is to hold it at a restaurant, we have several listed that will reserve a room for your event. Whatever your preference: Location, Food, Entertainment we have everything you need! We’re your one-stop Partee shop!

December 24, 2016 |

How much wine / alcohol should we serve at a party?


Like so many things in life, wine is best enjoyed in moderation and in good company. Nothing ruins an evening faster than one of your guests overdoing it and getting drunk (not to mention the ensuing embarrassment and arguably humor that would come of it).  Yet on the flipside, a glass of wine goes a long way towards making guests feel relaxed, it helps conversation flow, and let’s be honest it makes everything better.

There is no easy answer to this question, most will say half a bottle a head. If your budgeting for a big party and serving cheap wine, go with this. For smaller occasions follow your gut. If you will be serving mixed drinks take it into account, one bottle in four with the main course should suffice, and of course don’t get cheap wine, nothing ruins a meal like a bad wine. (look out for a blog coming soon with suggested food pairings).

Here is the general rule I follow for a party: mixed drinks to start. Have 2 standard ones. (you don’t want to be stocking too much booze) Rum or whisky based, (coke works well with both, and vodka (straight or with 7up). That’s it. You won’t break the bank, and everyone will be happy. This will take you through appetizers and probably first course.

With the entrée, either a red or a white. Something standard like a chardonnay and a chianti. Both are not far from middle ground. Again, the goal is to keep people happy without overdoing it.

After dinner, have scotch on hand. Doesn’t have to be anything extravagant. You can even use the whiskey used for mixing.

The key with all of this is focus on quality not quantity. You want your guests to enjoy the evening, every part of it. The food, the drinks, the company. When done right every party is a success! Remember, life is all about these moments, one day (hopefully far in the future) you won’t remember what it is you had to drink, but you will remember the evenings spent with family and friends, so make them count!

December 7, 2016 |

Wine pairing suggestions


In my humble opinion the undisputed king of wines is Champagne!  Any meal can begin with a glass of champagne. It’s only for celebrating you say? Every day is a cause for celebration, life is a gift not a given write. So celebrate! Often, in fact always! And not only with a glass of Champagne, but even better, with a loved one!

Sorry I trend to get sidetracked, wine pairing. Not to overblow the importance of having wine with a meal (and yes, I understand that many don’t drink at all, I just got the chills)) a proper wine selection can elevate even the simplest meal to new heights. Not to mention the science that proves wines health benefits, where was I going with this. Let just talk pairings:

General rule: Champagne goes with anything. And I don’t mean cheap sparkling wine that is loaded with sugar. (note to self, write a blog about the different champagnes)

At a risk of angering legions of “experts”, as a rule I either server reds or whites. I don’t like to mix between the two. I pick a path and stick to it. A few simple pairing suggestions:

Foie gras/soft cheese: Sauternes, sauvignon blanc

Oysters/smoky cheese: Chablis, Sancerre

Chicken/lamb/goat cheese: Chianti

Steak/aged cheese: Cabernet Sauvignon (California being my choice these days)/Bordeaux

Indian food/spicy food: Syrah

Popcorn: Chardonnay (because Netflix and chill calls for wine)

Hot dogs/fries: Beaujolais

White fish*: Riesling

*Key things to remember, you don’t want your wine to overpower your food, it has to compliment. This is especially important with fish. You can’t drink a bold white wine with delicate fish, you will taste nothing but wine (not that I’m saying its necessarily a bad thing). The inverse is also true, a wine that is too mellow will get buried.

All this to say, I lied. Having someone else pick pairings for you is impossible; so I not going to try. Wine is a journey, maybe even an odyssey. The further you go the more you learn. Like with all great journey’s there are no shortcuts, what I can tell you is learn to taste with your senses not your wallet.

Take in the aroma, the different layers of taste. (ok quick sidebar: tannins on the palate, sweetness on the tip of the tongue, salty on the front sides, sour on the back sides and bitter in the back)

A whole world will soon present itself, enjoy the ride, remember to share the journey with others and never overdo it!

December 7, 2016 |

How to stop a hangover from happening


Well for starters, put down the drink. I’m just assuming you just realized you had too much to drink and are scrambling for a solution. Lucky for you here it is. Drink a tall glass of water, Uber home. Take two aspirins go straight to bed. Continue reading in the morning.

Good morning! Hopefully the aspirin took care of the worst of it, now, strong coffee and tall glass of water. You’ll be fine. The human body is amazing at recovering from the abuse we stupidly give it.

Let’s rewind to yesterday evening, how can we enjoy delicious libations without the morning after downer? Here are a few tricks I learned along the way: (full disclaimer: I enjoy drinking, these are my opinions and mine alone)

First rule of drinking, never have more than one drink alone. Because everyone needs a nightcap but anything more and you risk taking a slippery slope.

Two: Stay away from sugary mixed drinks, your body will need to work overtime metabolizing the sugar in the pop on top of the alcohol (and the sugar it contains).

Three: Pick your poison and stick to it. Don’t mix booze, the worst hangovers come when you switch from whiskey to tequila to rum to beer etc. etc. As a general rule (I don’t really buy it but I’ll say it anyway) clear booze hits less than the dark stuff.

Four: Drink plenty of water. Seriously, as much as you can. This will help your body metabolize the alcohol, no it will not speed up the process, but you will feel much better afterwards.

Five: DON’T. BE. STUPID. Enjoy yourself, but too much of anything isn’t good for you. When is it too much? As soon as you ask yourself the question. Now go back to paragraph one (and good night).


December 7, 2016 |

Flowers, why does she always want more?


Let me start by making a confession. To me, sending a bouquet of flowers is akin to sending dead goldfish. What’s the point? They’re dead!

Hence why I will not be writing about my opinion on the matter, I will limit myself to the facts. People like flowers, women LOVE flowers. Flowers brighten and add life to a room. (Why a plant doesn’t do this I will never understand). And did I mention women love them? My advice, this one is not worth fighting gents. Fresh flowers for the wedding, yes dear. Fresh flowers for the party, yes dear. Happy wife, happy life. Trust me.

Oh and one last thought, don’t get flowers only on your anniversary, in fact don’t get any flowers on your anniversary. Get flowers all the time, I promise it will brighten more than a room, it will brighten your life.

November 30, 2016 |

Is the tuxedo dead?



Everyone loves to picture the classic ballroom of a bygone era, the men in black tie, the women in glamorous gowns, champagne flowing…. Stop living in the past!

Forget black tuxedo’s. Blue is the new black and has been for the past several years. Be it on the red carpet at the Oscars or at a wedding. Classic yet stylish, midnight blue, navy blue, even indigo it all works.

A traditionalist? Have no fear, black will still work. Make it personal, big bold satin lapels, satin (or maybe gold??) buttons, patent leather shoes. A classic look that never goes out of style, pair it with a gold or stainless steel watch (even an apple watch to show off the technophile in you, and as a bonus you can look back in 20 years and laugh).

Truth be told, the color of your tux should not be your primary concern. The secret to looking good on the big day is simple: the fit. The biggest mistake you can make is to go out and rent a tux that will fit like a bag of potatoes. Buying a tux off the rack is only marginally better. To look your best bespoke is the only option.

Now before you roll your eyes and moan about cost, allow me to relate my story. I have been married for 7 years now, and EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk by our wedding picture I cringe. It pains me to say that I too considered going to a tailor but scoffed at the price. The bills mount, look to where you can save, I get it. I’ve been there. In retrospect, it was a huge mistake, instead of investing in a tuxedo that fits like a glove and that I would have worn several times since then. I chose for the instant gratification of saving a few bucks (ok several hundred dollars). The potato sac is in the garbage, and I spent the money on a tailor made tuxedo anyway (looks fantastic btw).

So take it from me, the tuxedo is NOT dead. Invest in a good one, it will be with you for life!

November 29, 2016 |
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